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    Brief description of modern racism, subtle prejudice or a microaggression

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    According to Social Identity theory, prejudice is derived from our tendency to divide the world into us and them and to view our own group more favorably than various out-groups. Can you help me with a brief description of an example that might be characterized as modern racism, subtle prejudice, or a microaggression. Also, can you state how one or more of the theories of prejudice apply to the example.

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    Modern Racism:

    Modern racism is no longer blatant as it was in the past it has gone underground to embrace more subtle forms of prejudice than the past aggressive forms of prejudice. From the social identity theory these prejudice come from the tendency of individuals to favor more the group they belong than the group they feel as outsiders (Shipler, 2002).

    Modern racisms are widely expressed in various forms everyday at times in ways that may not be easily noted. An example of modern racism is the association of races according to certain characters. For instance Asians may be regarded as naturally intelligent, unlike the Hispanics; Blacks may be viewed as being more natural athletes than whites athletes; individuals with middle Eastern characteristics may be viewed to fit a terrorist prototype, than other races; blacks may be viewed ...

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