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Benefits of Hyundai Plant

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Korean automaker Hyundai decided to build a new automobile assembly plant in Alabama. What factors do you think Hyundai considered in selecting Alabama as the site for the factory? Who benefits and who loses from the new plant in Alabama?
The Korean Hyundai maker would consider the following factors in selecting Alabama as a site for their factory:
Access to commodity products and markets
Availability and price of raw materials
Availability of labor
Access to inputs and services
Physical Characteristics
In 1993, Mercedes Benz opened up their first US auto factory in Alabama. Since then Alabama has become the fourth largest economy in the world. Several reasons domestic and foreign businesses want their manufacturing plant location in Alabama is because of their tax structure and incentives that lower the cost of doing business, there are about 2 million skilled workers, the workforce training is ranked the best in the nation, the transportation structure can accommodate any industry, and there are more than 500 industrial and commercial buildings for sale or lease and about 600 prepared industrial sites.
The benefits from building a new plant in Alabama is the creation of jobs to support the community to be able to bring in income. This would increase the quality of life in Alabama. Alabama has a good education system, affordable cost of living which includes property tax being one of the lowest in the nations, and a quality healthcare system.
But of course with more industrial manufacturing and the creation of more cars, this increases the amount of pollution that is emitted from the auto plant and cars. This would hurt everyone and the Earth as well with their greenhouse gases. There would also be more congestion on the road which would cause traffic and possibly lead to more accidents as more cars are available for people to purchase.

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The benefits of building a new plant are much larger than the costs. Creating jobs and growing the economy are critical for the health and welfare of the people in the area. A new automotive plant can also bring in complementary business like part suppliers. This can add even more dollars to the economy. There are concerns that industrial manufacturing might cause pollution, ...

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