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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is the discipline that is concerned with the research, design, development, construction, testing, science and technology of aircrafts. This type of engineering is divided into two subsections, aeronautical engineering an astronautical engineering. Aerospace engineering deals with the physical properties of aircrafts, rockets, flying craft and spacecraft’s and the science behind it. The field cover aerodynamic characteristics and behaviors of such objects.

Aircrafts are subject to demanding conditions that undergo extreme changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. There are various technological and engineering disciplines that are required to consult on these objects that fall under the category of aerospace engineering.

The development and manufacturing of a modern flight vehicle is very complex. It demands careful balance and compromise between abilities, design, available technology and costs. Aerospace engineers design, test and supervise the manufacturing of aircraft, spacecraft’s and missiles. They develop new technologies for use in aviation, defence systems and space. 

4 Pillars of Safety Management System

List and explain the "4 Pillars" of SMS. List and explain the "4 Pillars" of SMS. Assess their value in creating a "proactive and predictive" safety program. Remember, you must have a title page, 300 word body written in 3rd person, and at least two references.

Mechanical Engineering Dynamics

An airplane flies with constant velocity along a circular path in the vertical plane. Th radius of the circular path is 5000 ft. The pilot weighs 150 lbs. a. Determine the velocity of the airplane required for pilot to experience weightlessness at the top of the circular path. b. Determine the force exerted on the piot by

High school Yr 12 aeronautical Engineering Module - mechanics

PLease help- i seem to get the incorrect answer but didn't know where i have gone wrong? Problem: If each wing is to be 4.8m long and the lift force acts at 45% of the distance from the wing root, what will be the bending moment if the lift force is 9KN? What will be the bending stress if (Ixx = 1.8*10 power6 metres to the 10

Steady flow air compressor

A steady flow air compressor compresses 50 lb/min from 14 psia and 80 degrees F to a discharge state at 45 psia and 300 degrees F. Heat departs from the air only via circulating water that enters the jacket at 75 degrees F and leaves at 95 degrees F, circulating at the rate of 15lb/min. Let the frictional losses external to th