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    What are the components of an aircraft?

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    What are the main components of a commercial aircraft? What is the purpose of each component? The basic components that would be part of any flying vehicle such as a military or commercial aircraft but also an UAV.

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    There are 5 components that make an airplane.
    1. Fuselage
    The fuselage (also known as the body of an aircraft) is one of the major components on an aircraft. It begins with the cockpit/cabin where the pilots reside. It is the part of an aircraft that connects all the components together. The fuselage holds the passengers and the cargo.

    2. Wings
    The wings, also commonly known as foils, are aircraft parts that are essential for flight. The air flowing over the wings (airflow) is what provides the lift necessary to create the lift force for ...

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    There are 5 main components of any flying vehicle such as commercial aircrafts, military aircrafts, and UAVs.