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Unit Load Device (ULD) and airworthiness

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What is a Unit Load Device (ULD) and airworthiness and what is the importance of ULD airworthiness to ramp operations.

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This solution describes and discusses two concepts: a Unit Load Device (ULD) and airworthiness and also discusses the importance of ULD airworthiness to ramp operations. Supplemented with research information that expands on this topic.

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1. "I have no idea what is a Unit Load Device (ULD) and airworthiness..."

The following definitions are taken from a TRANSPORTATION AGREEMENT

ULD Unit load device. Refers to airfreight containers and pallets.

"AIRWORTHY" means the conformity of an ULD with the conditions set forth in
Attachment III to the Operation Specifications (see attachment for Attachment III). For the entire article see on-line at http://www.edgar-online.com/bin/edgardoc/DocMain.pl?nad=&nav=1&doc=A%2D1048911%2D0000912057%2D01%2D001514&coname=FEDEX%20CORP&ftype=8%2DK&fds=&fdate=2001%2D01%2D16%2012%3A55%3A00&fdfmt=Jan%2016%202001&cik=1048911&fmt=text&nf=1).

In other words, Unit Load device is considered airworthy only if it meets the safety criteria listed in attachment III (see attachment).

AIRWORTHINESS CERTIFICATION: Documentation to show that aircraft or components comply with all the airworthiness requirements related to its use as laid down by the regulatory authorities for the country in which the aircraft is registered. (http://www.albiongroup.com/Directory.htm).

2. "...and what is the importance of ULD airworthiness to ramp operations?"

The relationship between ULD airworthiness and ramp operations is somewhat complex. The aircraft carriers and pallets (ULD) have to meet safety criteria to be considered airworthy, as does the aircraft itself. Ramps, on the other hand, can be part of the airworthiness device (AD) to assure safety or be on the ground as loading docks that have the potential to decrease ...

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