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    Use communiction techniques to distill new technical information

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    Assignment: Distilling Technical Information

    You are creating a flyer that has the goal of selling the consumer on a new technical product or service.

    ? Choose from the selection of links below to search for a technical product or service published no longer than 6 months ago.

    ? Use communication techniques to distill the content down to the most salient aspects of the product from the article and related product information sources.

    ? Create a flyer describing the product or service and its application.

    ? Refine the product's technical data using distilling techniques.
    ? Refer to the following Web sites for new technology products and services:

    o http://www.engadget.com/
    o http://hardware.slashdot.org/
    o http://www.wired.com/gadgets/

    ? Think of something that might accompany a product on display in an electronic retail store.

    ? Refer to the ERR article, "How to Talk About Technology," for communication strategies, including:

    o Pictures
    o Analogies
    o Testimonials
    o Proper organization or outline

    ? Include a note at the end of the flyer to indicate what techniques you have used to deliver the technical information to nontechnical audiences.

    ? Submit the flyer.

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    Honda's Robotic Walking Assistants
    New Electronic Devices to Aid Those with Challenges in Walking

    The two devices look very different, but they both provide a solution, for those who have difficulty in walking, regardless of the cause. There are many reasons why we may not walk or move about as well as we like. Damage or inflammation of the joints can cause weakness over time. Loss of flexibility often accompanies inflammation. When joints don't move like they should, it takes longer to walk or becomes painful, without additional support.
    Hip and knee problems affect millions of Americans. Until now, solutions included use of a cane, walker or wheelchair. Canes can be helpful but usually work well when only one side of the body is affected. They can ...

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