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System analysis and design

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Elmwood College Situation: The school is considering a new system that will speed up the registration process. As a systems analyst, you are asked to develop a plan for fact-finding.

a. List all the possible techniques that you might use.
b. Describe an advantage for each technique.
c. Suppose the development budget is tight. How might that affect the fact-finding process?
d. What are five important questions to use during fact-finding?

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Ellenwood College fact finding plan should include modern analytical techniques by
utilizing IT tools.

1. List all the possible techniques that you might use.

For fact finding, Interviewing is a primary method. The IT team at Elmwood
College might want to use document review, observation, surveys and questionnaires,
sampling, and research.

2. Describe an advantage for each technique.

a) Interviewing is especially important because it is an interactive process. The systems
analyst can listen carefully, evaluate the response, and react with follow-up questions if
necessary. Another ...

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Systems analysis and design is examined. The expert lists all the possible techniques that you might use.

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