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Apache Http Server

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I am taking Apache and I have some questions. Please provide answers to the following questions.

Explain in DETAIL:

1. What is load balancing?

2. What are your different options (in general and with Apache) for load balancing?

3. Which option is best?

If you need more time, then let me know.
Thank you

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The expert examines load balancing for Apache. The best option is determined.

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Apache Http Server Load balancing

1. What is load balancing?
In computer networking world load balancing is a great technique for spreading work between
-Two or more computers
- Servers
- Network links
- CPUs
- Hard drives
-other resources.
Benefits of load balancing:
- optimal resources utilization
- Maximizing throughput, and minimize response time.
- Using multiple components with load balancing, instead of a single component, may increase reliability through redundancy.

2. What are your different options (in general and with Apache) for load balancing?
The balancing service is usually provided by a dedicated program or hardware device (such as a multiplayer switch).
a) Round-robin DNS where a domain name resolution results in a set of IP address
b) Can be done using Hardware based load balancer
Transparently sits between servers and external VLAN
Simple to install
TCP/IP based application and not just HTTP
Costly and customization is difficult.
c) A software based load balancer. PLB (Pure Load Balancer) is open-source TCP based load balancer.
Windows 2003 servers supports network load balancing (NLB) which balances incoming Internet Protocol (IP) traffic across nodes in a ...

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