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    Software Package Frequency

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    For this exercise, please select one software package that you use fairly frequently, and feel reasonably comfortable with. Be sure it is one that is neither proprietary nor classified, in the use sense -- that is, one that is not restricted in its access or use to one particular company or agency, but one that is potentially useable by a variety of different users to accomplish a variety of different ends -- so that you can write freely about it. The test for whether a given program works for this assignment is whether it's potentially something that another student might also be able to write about from another perspective.

    Now tell us something about the program

    Please make sure to address the following:

    Describe the program, what it does, what kind of hardware it runs on, and what other software it is tied into.
    Identify who makes it, and what other kinds of software they make. To the degree that you can, perhaps by reviewing the company's web site, provide a history of the software and how it developed to its present state.
    Briefly outline the benefits you see coming to the users of the software as a result of using it.
    If possible, describe some of your history with the program and any interesting experiences you've had with it. If you had a choice, what more features you would like to add? How they would impact your productivity?
    Conclude with a few sentences providing your own personal overall evaluation of the software and why you make this assessment
    include references

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    Information Technology: Software Description

    The software package we choose for this assignment is XAMPP. Xampp is a software package that is used for hosting websites. Xampp is a combination of four software packages namely php, apache, mysql and phpmyadmin. Xampp is a simple program that can run on any machine; it does not require any specific hardware (Bug fix release: XAMPP for Linux 1.7.3a, 2010). Xampp is free software and it is available for various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris etc. (Dvorski, 2007).
    The programs sets up a mysql server ...

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