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    Religion, Ethics, and Socialization

    Xenia Rochelle Jones, MA, PhD (IP) (#105878)

    In this video lecture, Academic Expert Xenia Rochelle Jones wraps up her sociology series with an exploration of the relationship between religion, ethics, and socialization. Xenia begins with a section on why people often turn to religion. The lecture then turns to analyzing some the traditions of religion, and how morality in also interlinked with religion, ethics, and socialization. This video lecture is ideal for first year sociology students at the college or university level.

    In this series: 6 Videos | 00:28:49 Total Length

    The concept of religion and ethics, and how the two are connected to socialization is introduced.

    Part #: 1 | 05:04

    Religion is examined in more detail in Part 2 of the series.

    Part #: 2 | 04:12

    Why do people turn to religion? Find out in Part 3

    Part #: 3 | 04:29

    Religious traditions are the topic of discussion in Part 4.

    Part #: 4 | 05:33

    Religion and Law and the relationship between the two concepts is examined in Part 5.

    Part #: 5 | 04:09

    A discussion with reflection questions concludes the series on religion, ethics, and socialization.

    Part #: 6 | 05:22