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    Critical Appraisal of Research Studies

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    What factors must be assessed when critically appraising(i.e., validity, reliability, and applicability)? Which is the most important? Why? (Please provide references to substantiate)

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    Critically appraising a scientific paper requires one to carefully assess the study on several fronts to determine whether or not the conclusions drawn from the reported results can truly be considered significant. Carefully considering the validity, reliability, and applicability of the study helps one to determine whether the results the researchers are reporting are noteworthy enough to be added to the overall body of knowledge in a given field of research (1)

    The validity of the study is the determination of whether or not the measurement used actually capture the variable of interest. In other words, we need to make sure that the ...

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    This solution explains the importance to develop the skills necessary to critically evaluate scientific research studies by examining whether the results can be considered valid, reliable, and applicable.