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Transferability in Qualitative Research

The criteria used to assess the generalisability of quantitative research studies are validity and reliability - what criteria can be used to assess the transferability of qualitative research studies?

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Transferability with reference to a qualitative research study

The main criteria used to rate the design and rigour of a research study are validity, reliability and objectivity. These terms relate to quantitative studies which are concerned with precise measurement, prediction and control and where the findings should be generalisable to other populations or environments. The equivalent criteria for a qualitative study are credibility, dependability and confirmability where the findings are said to be transferable. These three criteria should be used to evaluate the sample, the methods used for data collection and the methods used in data ...

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A guide to the questions which can be used to evaluate the five key dimensions of a qualitative research study report in order to assess its transferability in terms of credibility, dependability and confirmability.