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    The Critique of an Qualitative Research Article

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    Please help me with this assignment.

    Choose a qualitative article that will be used in your final project. Provide a brief critique of the article, commenting on the following:

    1. The purpose and goal of the study as stated or implied by the problem statement, research question(s), and hypothesis(es).
    2. The source of information for data and the sampling methods used to select participants or data sources.
    3. The data collection methods, such as interviews, surveys, observation, review of existing documents, or other tools or measures.
    4. The fit between the intended purpose of the study and the methods chosen.
    5. The transferability of the study in terms of what population and setting the results could justifiably be generalized to. This should be tied to the sampling or selection method used.
    6. The study's dependability, credibility, conformability, or verifiability, as appropriate.
    7. The type of research method and design used.

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    Here is an example of how you might answer these questions. The article I have used for this example is at the bottom of my response. Good luck!

    1. The purpose of this qualitative study was examination of HIV risk associated with intravenous drug use in British Columbia prisons (Small, Kain, Laliberte, Schechter, O'shaughnessy, & Spittal, 2005).

    2. The information was garnered from 26 former male inmates who were recruited from a similar cohort study of injection users in Vancouver, Canada. These inmates had previously used drugs while incarcerated in British Columbia penal institutions (Small et al. 2005).

    3. Data collection methods included semi-structured in-depth interviews with analysis of the data involving the researcher identifying patterns and exploring the patterns through additional interviews to confirm the validity of his or her interpretation (Small et al. 2005).

    4. The intended purpose of this study was to develop a typology of intravenous ...

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    This solution critiques the purpose, source of information, sampling methods, validity, and research design used in a qualitative research article that studies drug addiction's in prison by inmates injecting drugs.