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    Qualitative research and transferability of findings

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    This solution is for a graduate level nursing research course in which I need your guidance in understanding the following question:

    Since the goal of qualitative research is transferability rather than generalizability, what would you look for in a qualitative research report to assist you to make decisions about the transferability of the findings?

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    I have attached a list of questions with some general guidelines, which I'm sure will help. Good luck!

    First of all I have to presume that as you are asking for 'guidance' that you understand the basics of quantitative and qualitative research and the difference between statistically significant findings, which are generalisable and accurate findings, which are transferable.

    The main criteria for rating a quantitative study are validity, reliability and objectivity BUT those for a qualitative study are credibility, dependability and confirmability. These three criteria should be used to evaluate the sample, the methods used for data collection and the ...

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