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    Qualitative Research: Reliability

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    Is reliability as relevant to a qualitative research study as to a classic quantitative one? Why or why not? Please provide three specific examples, and/or citations from outside sources, in support of your response.

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    Reliability is as relevant as if not more in qualitative research than it is in quantitative research. In quantitative methods, test retest reliability or internal consistency are easy to establish and are accepted by the academic community. In case of qualitative research, it is even more important to establish reliability (a). The question of reliability and validity are essential because the researchers are required to establish that the study is worth paying attention to. The qualitative research has to establish the credibility, neutrality, ...

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    This solution discusses if reliability is as relevant to a qualitative research study as it is to a classic quantitative one and provides a detailed explanation. The solution also provides three sources in support of the response.