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Family Assessment using Roy's Adaptation Model

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I have to use Roy's adaptation theoretical model to describe the process of family assessment. The article is in the link below and other references may be used for the paper.

Go to the following link for the paper: http://connection.ebscohost.com/c/articles/67673500/patient-family-nurse-intensive-care-unit-experience-roy-adaptation-model-based-qualitative-study

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The article you provided describes how Roy focused on the interdependence between family members when one or more member is in the ICU. When one person is seriously ill, it has a strong effect on the entire equilibrium of the family unit. The same goes for the other way around. The family members can have a large effect on the well-being and healing power of the ill member. It is imperative that you acknowledge this interdependence when conducting a family assessment using this theoretical approach.

Roy believed that humans are continuously interacting with the environment in pursuit of adaptation (changing in order to be better suited for one's environment). She believed that a person's (or family's) adaptation occurs in 4 different modes: physiologic (survival), self-concept (growth), role ...

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This solution describes the major components of Roy's adaptation model and how it can be applied to family assessments.

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