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    Healthcare Administration

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    Healthcare Administration is a blossoming and diverse topic. If you are studying for a career in healthcare administration, you will find that it is a unique, challenging, and fast-paced environment that can be very rewarding.

    This Brainmass eBook focuses on strategic and organizational issues unique to the healthcare environment. The application of advanced organizational principles is imperative while studying complex healthcare environments.

    The following is covered: postmodernism, power and politics, team processes, methods of decision-making, leadership, cultural values and ethics, value for the customer, drivers of change, integration, healthcare delivery, analyses, certificate of need, concurrent-utilization review, intelligent healthcare organization, technology, and data capture.

    An Introduction to Healthcare Administration

    The biggest thing to take into consideration regarding the healthcare industry is the constant variation, frenzied environment, and multifaceted system. Although all organizations face some sort of chaos and complexity, the healthcare industry manages much more with each customer. Whereas an automobile company deals with the same suppliers day in and day out, a healthcare organization works with many different people that have many different needs.