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    Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy (or physiotherapy) is a movement science which aims to enhance or restore the function of multiple body systems. It involves managing acute and chronic conditions, activity limitations and participation restrictions. Physiotherapy aims to improve and maintain people’s optimal functional independence and physical performance.

    Physical therapy rehabilitates injury and the effects of disease or disability with exercise programs, manual therapy and education. Physiotherapists offer maintenance and support programs to prevent re-occurrence of injury or functional decline. In addition, physiotherapists work with clients to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness programs and promoting more active lifestyles.

    Physical therapy may involve clients of all ages in a variety of settings providing health services in multiple contexts such as acute care and rehabilitation, wellness, and disability and disease management. Physical therapy has many specialties including sports, neurology, geriatrics, orthopaedic and pediatrics. 

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    Musculoskeletal Health

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    Musculoskeletal health encompasses three categories: bone health, joint health and muscle health.

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