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Health care professionals licensing

Physicians and nurses are required by states to meet specific licensing requirements before providing care to the public; however, other health care workers are required to be licensed.

To help with the organizationâ??s presentation, prepare an Excel spreadsheet with resource information for the HR professionals at your hospital. Identify the various health care professionals in the state where you live that are required to maintain a license. Give a brief synopsis of the requirements (training, exams, etc.) for licensing.

1. You must analyze 5 healthcare professions that must become LICENSED to perform services in your state.
2. You must include a brief job description for the professions you select.
3. You should not select General Internist or RN...you are allowed to select speciality MDs or Nurses
4. You must have inline citations in the spreadsheet and you MUST use more than 1 reference (you may use nonacademic references...for this assignment ONLY)
5. You must have a complete reference list and have your name somewhere on your spreadsheet
6. You must do the entire assignment in Excel (visit the learning lab if you are uncomfortable with excel)

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