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Five categories of certifed healthcare professionals

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Describe five categories of certified healthcare professionals. Make sure to discuss their scope of practice, licensing or certification process, continuing education, professional associations, and opportunities and limitations for employment.

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Primary care providers: These are the types of doctors people may see first for checkups and health problems. These types of doctors include:
Medical practioners: These doctors are qualified to care for the entire family. They can be board certified and have training in a variety of medical subfields such as Gynecology, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry. They need a license to practice medicine in the United States. Family practioners also need to complete a rotating internship as well as four years of undergraduate work and four years of medical school. All licensed practioners who have a completed a 2 -10 year residency are allowed to practice medicine in the state that they are licensed in. These type of practioners are declining in recent years. Currently in the United States
a medical practioner who specializes in family medicine needs to complete a residency in family medicine and must become certified. The American Academy of Family Practice is actively involved in helping physicians get certified. In recent years there has been a shortage of primary care physicials due to factors such as the low pay and the lower presitge ...

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This solution examines five categories of certified healthcare professionals.

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