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Ethical Principles: Discuss Some of the Principles

Ethical Principles

Ethical Principles are the basis for rules that govern ethical conduct, such as the Code for Nurses. Any analysis of the ethical aspects of a situation should identify and discuss the relevant ethical principles. Understanding and applying these ethical principles is a basic skill necessary for success in this course. As discussed in the readings, some basic ethical principles are:

Respect for Others

In your assignment, include discussion of these principles, demonstrating that you have done the reading and can apply this learning to our discussion.

Aiken, T. D. (2004). Legal, ethical, and political issues in nursing (2nd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: F.A. Davis Company.

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First we must understand the role of ethics in the healthcare field. Ethics can be encompassed by three questions. They are:

1. Is it legal?
2. Is it balanced?
3. How does it make me feel? (This, to me, is the most important aspect of successful implementation of ethical behavior and responsibility).

Ethics can broadly be considered a part of philosophy as it relates to morals in both principle and judgment. Morality combines proper conduct as well as a virtuous quality.

Now to discuss some of the ethical principles. These principles can be divided up into three separate categories: Rights-Based Ethics, Duty-Based Ethics, and Virtue-Based Ethics. The following principles fall under these ...

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The solution discusses some of the ethical principles.