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Health Care Ethics

Government and Biblical References

Based on Christian principles, what are the three purposes of government? Describe each of these, using Biblical citations. Where are these three purposes of government evident today?

Public Health Ethics

What do you consider to be the top three current issues facing Public Health Ethics over the coming years and at least the next decade?

Issues faced by Ethics Committees in health care settings.

Identify an issue that an institutional ethics committee may have to face in a healthcare setting. Discuss what the ethics committee might do in that scenario and how its decision might impact the operations and policies of the healthcare organization. How do we train the members to be objective and not subjective? Should an

Romer's Theory deswcribed

1. List the main elements of the Roemer Model of a Health Services System. 2. Name at least two of the components of each of the five elements in Roemer's Model. 1.History 2.Ethics 3.State managed and free market both operate through government, defining social classes, but not seeing need as different between any...ho

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care. Is there really a decision when it comes to humans receiving the care they need. If this becomes a privilege and not a right, society will suffer in other areas, as the chronically ill and disabled have a great deal to offer to society and without a diverse society, we could all perish for lack of care by big business and privatized healthcare as the only option available

Some believe health care to be a fundamental right while others consider it a privilege. My question is this: If you consider how you and your family utilize health care resources. Is access to health care a fundamental right that you exercise or a privilege earned? This solution discusses the question: is Healthcare a funda

Telling the Truth: Ethical Decision Making in Health Care

Truth telling is very important and I have found that the patient and loved one will eventually find out about it at some point, so you might as well tell the truth from the get go. Do you think there would be times when telling the truth is not the best course of action? How does it affect or might affect you personally and pro

Society's Role in Providing Healthcare

1. What is society's role in providing care for patients with disabilities who require expensive technology-based care? Should care be rationed by some method? 2. What principles of ethics can be used to make a case for HTHC? 3. Explain ways to strengthen and extend public health functions to address the social determinants of

Public Health Discussion

1. Explain the health care crisis and social injustice. 2. Explain the role of public health including health promotion and disease prevention in the health care crisis and social injustice. 3. What is the role of the administrator in institutional ethics? 4. What is the role of the public health community program leader in e

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care

I love to watch the episodes of the Glee because they take a look at things that are plaguing our teens these days. What are your thoughts on shows like Glee and others that show bullying and in a more recent episode, suicide attempts? Are they bringing a positive note to our society or negative? Please explain. What is th

Convincing Patients of Their Need for Treatment

How do you keep your sanity when patients think that you are intentionally harming them? How do you handle the situation? Has any one situation made you rethink what you are doing and whether this is the best place for you? Please explain your answers.

Assisted Suicide & Ethics of Involuntary Quarantine

1. What are your thoughts on the ethics of assisted suicide? 2. What are your thoughts on the ethics of involuntary quarantine (long term or permanent) of persons with communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS?

Ethical Decision Making in Health Care

Objectives: Describe health care situations which present ethical dilemmas for individual clients and their caregivers. Examine the effects of paternalism on a patient's right to exercise autonomy and self-determination. Utilize ethical theories, principles, and a decision-making framework to propose a resolution to ethica

Patient Charting Discussion

Discuss the correct way of charting in a patient's record. Analyze the impact of poor documentation in patient care? Give one or two examples. Explain possible legal concerns for poor documentation.

physician malpractice suits

Discuss how physician malpractice suits can be decreased. How can a doctor be sued for malpractice? What current practices do doctors perform in order to avoid law suits? What are the impacts of these practices? How can one check for any malpractice suit against a doctor?

Patient complaints

Analyze why patients are sometimes reluctant to complain about their health care. What could be some reasons for the reluctance to complain? How can medical providers encourage patients to express concerns about their health care? How can confidence to complain be developed among patients?

Key Ethical Theory Concepts

What are the key concepts or features of autonomy? Beneficence? What are the important implications or justifications for these theories in health care ethics? How might the health care organizations apply them?

Corporate Culture Administrators Accountability

What actions can an administrator take to create a corporate culture that promotes ethical decision making? How can an administrator encourage accountability and social responsibility in health care organizations?

Health ethics are demonstrated.

Mary Smith was admitted to Jones Memorial Hospital after being involved in an automobile accident. Her injuries were not severe, but she was admitted for observation when examination revealed possible bleeding in the cranial cavity. Upon admission, she was in a semi-stupor with impaired reactions, possibly due to illegal drug us

Organizational goals and ethical principles

Our Mission, Vision, and Values Our mission sets a clear focus for our work. Our values define how we carry out the mission. Our vision demands that we consistently and effectively live up to both. Our Mission Catholic Healthcare West and our Sponsoring Congregations are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesu

Medical Terminology

You are talking with some of the medical assistants about your work. A few of them were complaining that they did not understand why they needed to know terms that were associated with all of the body systems because they only deal with conditions and procedures in just a few systems. â?¢ Answer the following questions:

Euthanasia is debated.

Euthanasia, right to die legislation, and viatical settlements are all controversial topics for many reasons. Describe one reason for each controversial area. Provide your opinion as to the whether or not each is ethical, moral, and/or practical.

Health Law and Ethic

Identify and describe a health care news situation that affects a healthcare organization such as a hospital, clinic or insurance company.

Medical Office Procedures

In reviewing the office's profit and loss statement, the office manager notices a discrepancy between the stated revenue and cash deposits. In fact, it appears that the office may have incorrectly booked $275,000 in revenue for the month. If this error turns out to be a fact, then the office will be unable to meet all of its fin

Medical Office Operations

The point of a medical office is to help people, but it is a business that needs to generate money to stay open. please include the following: - Identify the difference between billable revenue and collections. - Consider how a medical office might be helped or hindered by a disparity between receivables and collections. -

Mickey Mantle's liver transplant is debated.

Mickey Mantle, a Baseball Hall of Famer, received a liver transplant after only two days of the transplant team searching for a liver instead of the normal 130 day average. Many people claimed that as a famous person, Mantle received preferential treatment and it was simply unethical for this to have occurred. However, others de