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    Health Care Ethics

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    Executive Committee

    I need help explaining these questions, please include references, 1. Explain how you would respond to the medical error to reduce liability? 2. Recommend a quality improvement strategy to reduce medical error?


    Is it appropriate that the core of hospital quality relies on an organization, JACHO that the hospitals themselves control? Can an organization that relies on its membership for financial support be truly effective in policing its membership? Reflect and consider ethical, legal, and policy issues as you answer this question.

    Adverse health care events and legal and ethical violations

    1. Identify and describe an adverse event involving a current health care issue. 2. The current health care issue should involve ethical and legal violations at a specific health care organization. 3. The adverse event examined should meet the following criteria: a specific incident that was reported in reliable,

    Key Strategies of Successful Managers

    With the rapid growth of specialty hospitals, physician-run outpatient surgery centers and diagnostic centers, traditional hospitals are facing increased competition. To compete for patients, hospital administrators must be prepared to set their hospitals apart through a specialized care strategy. Benchmarking best practices is

    Exercises Supporting Social Justice

    As a faculty member in a nursing program, what might be an exercise or learning activity that I might use to support the concept of social justice?

    Importance of Ethics in Healthcare and Related Legal Ramifications

    Please provide 2 pages providing introduction, answering the questions below, and conclusion. Please provide at least 3 references that do not include websites. 1. How important is ethics in healthcare? 2. What laws are in place to protect a patient's health information? 3. What sanctions are put in place for viol

    Healthcare Legal Issues

    You are a new administrator at Jamestown hospital. You receive a call from the nurse manager of the emergency room department. Dr. Smith, an emergency room physician and an employee of your hospital, has just reported for work. The nurse suspects that Dr. Smith is intoxicated. What do you do? In your response to this scena

    Student Incivility

    Is there an increase in student incivility toward nursing faculty? What do you think would be most effective to decrease incivility?

    MCO Model of Care

    What is the idea the authors sought to convey? What is the physician's dual function under an MCO model of care? What kind of concerns are there about the physician - patient relationship under MCOs? See attached file: http://works.bepress.com/alberto_coustasse/23/

    Ethical Concerns on Specific Patient Issues

    Please choose one of the following questions and answer using the MORAL (framework for ethical decision-making). Identify the ethical dilemma. Identify the key stakeholders. Solve the dilemma using an ethical decision framework. Please provide an introduction, body, and concluding paragraph. Integrate additional content from

    Personal Value System

    Please help me to answer this question: Examine your own value system based upon Morris Massey theories. Please explain the fundamental elements of Massey's theory.

    Health, Policy, Law and Ethics

    Please provide a paragraph for each question listed below. There are a total of 6 questions. The paragraphs can be small. I need references as well. Please no websites. Thank you. 1. What are moral issues of reasoning? 2. What is the issue of moral distress in the healthcare workforce? 3. What are principles of ethics in he

    Analysis of Cost Versus Care

    Please answer the question after reading the case presentation. Please provide two paragraphs. Please also provide references in regards to the topic and do not include websites. Thank you. Discussion Question: Should a pediatrician use a less expensive and well-established vaccination product with adequate reimburs

    Ethics in Healthcare Administration

    As a healthcare administrator, are there times when you would recommend covering up a medical error if there was no harm to the patient? This is a debate topic. I will be debating the CON's of this topic. Please provide 4 reasons against this topic. Please provide 3 or 4 references for your response.

    Personal Nursing Ethics

    After reading "Chapter 3: To Heal Sometimes, To Comfort Always," complete the questionnaire titled, "My Nursing Ethic." 1. What personal, cultural, and spiritual values contribute to your worldview and philosophy of nursing? How do these values shape or influence your nursing practice? 2. Define values, morals, and ethics

    The Doctrine of Informed Consent

    In a legal case of negligence and liability, why would the basis for negligence be battery, unconsented touching, or breach of a duty imposed on the doctor to disclose material information? What is the meaning and the importance of the doctrine of informed consent? What two elements that must be present for informed consen

    Dr. Gosnell found guilty of murder

    This week Dr. Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of murder. Research the case and discuss the standards of care that were violated by the physician and medical staff who assisted.

    The provision of primary healthcare services

    Would you recommend the provision of primary healthcare services only through private healthcare facilities? Justify your answer. I am looking for 550-750 words to help me get started on this question. I would also like three academic sources.

    Entrepreneurial Physician Initiatives

    Hospitals are facing unprecedented financial challenges from entrepreneurial physician initiatives that are establishing competitive, free-standing diagnostic and treatment centers and specialty hospitals. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages to these developments from a patient perspective?

    Ethical Health Care Issues

    1. Describe a current ethical health care issue such as the following: transplant allocation; refusal of care, such as a blood transfusion; patient non-compliance with treatment; biomedical research; patient dumping; compliance with new health care requirements; and so on. 2. Examine and evaluate how each of the four major e

    Healthcare: Power, Loyalty, and Relationships

    1. What power do you have in your agency to affect change? Does your power come from your position as a stakeholder or your expertise? 2. Do you think that loyalty is a virtue? Does loyalty have positive and negative aspects? 3. Describe what you think is the ideal relationship between physicians and nurses. Is the nurse who

    Unclaimed Embryos currently in Storage

    Ethical Principals are the fundamental basics found in all decisions concerning healthcare ethics. These principals are: 1. Autonomy 2. Beneficence 3. Nonmaleficence 4. Justice Use one or more of these principles in evaluating the issues raised by the following facts: Data indicates there are over 500,000 frozen

    Stem Cells: Ethical Dilemmas

    What are the ethical dilemmas posed by how work re-configures an 'unwanted' pregnancy into 'the right tool for the job' in stem cell research?

    Genetic Manipulation

    What are the ethical implications of exhausting plant and vegetation to produce cancer fighting drugs? With the advances in biotechnology, do you think cloning should take precedence over other forms of genetic manipulation such as stem cell research?

    Health Care Ethics: Religious Beliefs

    I chose to write about the following ethical issues in healthcare: -Foregoing curative medical treatment due to religious beliefs I have to provide the history of the issue from a legal, ethical, and moral perspective. I also have to address the following questions: -Do the consequences of actions always direct what is