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    Key Strategies of Successful Managers

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    With the rapid growth of specialty hospitals, physician-run outpatient surgery centers and diagnostic centers, traditional hospitals are facing increased competition. To compete for patients, hospital administrators must be prepared to set their hospitals apart through a specialized care strategy. Benchmarking best practices is essential; hospital administrators must take time to investigate other specialty healthcare providers in their local communities, identify areas of opportunity and put a strategic plan in place for building renowned specialty practices. The landscape of healthcare looks even more challenging as we look to implement the Accountable Care Act. What are the key strategies you will need to put in place to make you a successful manager? Please look at the strategies and then share your personal thoughts and feelings about how you will use these strategies to be successful.

    Please include at least 3 paragraphs. Also, include at least three APA references that are not are not websites. Thank you so much.

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    The key strategies that I would need to put in place in order to make myself a successful manager, is to first implement a plan of continuous self-improvement. This will include gaining increasing levels of knowledge in leadership and management, as well as gaining credibility with my staff members through outstanding performance in my responsibilities. This self-development will also include increasing my ability to be empathetic with staff members, proactive and courageous in taking actions that need to be taken within my organization, and becoming a highly disciplined individual.

    Another set of strategies that I would need to put in place in order to ...