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MCO Model of Care

What is the idea the authors sought to convey?
What is the physician's dual function under an MCO model of care?
What kind of concerns are there about the physician - patient relationship under MCOs?

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The idea that the authors sought to convey in this article is the fact that there is a unique interrelationship between the physician and the patient due to the fact that physicians should first and foremost have an obligation to attending to the health and welfare of their patient, yet there are external variables that affect this relationship in a more businesslike manner. Although it is ethically crucial that physicians primarily focus upon the well-being and welfare of their patients, there seems to be a conflict of interest created due to the fact that physicians must also conduct themselves in a manner in which they will be able to gain incentives by conducting their business operations in a certain manner, that is not always conducive to the primary focus being on upon the overall health ...