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Genetic Manipulation

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What are the ethical implications of exhausting plant and vegetation to produce cancer fighting drugs? With the advances in biotechnology, do you think cloning should take precedence over other forms of genetic manipulation such as stem cell research?

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The ethical implications are obvious: environmental concerns. This can be looked upon in two ways. Firstly, if vegetation is exhausted from existing wild populations (e.g. deforestation), then the natural habitats within which other species exist in will be drastically affected. The environment is an interconnected web of species - no species' population change can be said to change in isolation - other species are always connected somehow in one way or another, and the effects of the drastic changes in the population of one species can greatly affect others. As a result, one can expect exhaustion of such natural vegetation would result in environmental changes, and the ethical implications ...

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The ethical implications of exhausting plant and vegetation to produce cancer fighting drugs are determined.

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