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Life Threatening Diagnosis Legal or Ethical Considerations

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Legal or ethical considerations regarding pregnant woman with life threatening diagnosis, only mother or baby can be saved.

I need references regarding the above.

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A woman facing a life threatening condition during pregnancy may be faced with a difficult decision. There are many considerations in making the decision about whose life should be saved. The mother may have other children who rely on her. Without their mother, the well-being of the children is threatened. From a utilitarian perspective, this approach might consider which decision would cause the most harm and which would lead to the most good (Andre & Velasquez, 2010). A deontological approach would consider the harm, rather than the consequences (Sherman, nd). Therefore, the health of the mother or the unborn child might be considered in terms of improving current health. A physician or the mother may decide either way, depending on whose health is considered more important.

It is well known that consumption of alcohol during pregnancy can harm a baby. Yet, to this point, no judge has forces a woman ...

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The expert examines the legal and ethical considerations regarding pregnant women with life threatening diagnosis.

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