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Health Care Ethics

Ethical Theory: Paternalism

The article, "Paternalism," raises questions about beneficence, paternalism, and the physicianâ??s right to choose to not perform abortions. Drawing from the principles involved and applying the ethical theories, create a commentary on the article. **** Please see attachment. The article will help with answering this quest

A discussion of ethical challenges in one's profession is provided.

Without mentioning names of persons or healthcare organizations, what ethical challenges have you faced in your profession, brought about by the actions or inactions of others (as opposed to ethical situations in clinical ethics). How did you deal with them? In retrospect, do you wish you had taken a different approach? Would yo

A healthcare ethics scenario is assessed clearly.

Summary of scenario Mr. Martinez was a seventy-five-year-old chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patient. He was in the hospital because of an upper respiratory tract infection. He and his wife had requested that CPR not be performed should he require it. A DNR order was written in the charts. In his room on the third floor

Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Summary: On September 21, 1971, an infant was born with severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID). The family and physicians involved, knowing that the baby had an even chance of having the fatal illness, had the child delivered by cesarean section and then sealed in a plastic chamber. Frequent newspaper reports on â??

Choices in Managed Care

With managed care, the charges that can be made for a particular condition are often predetermined and fixed; hospitals make or lose money depending on whether they are able to treat the patient within the confines of the predetermined payment. This has resulted in pressure on health care providers to reduce staff, reduce length

Exemplify traits of servant leadership.

1) Provide an overview of your leadership model. In this overview (1) identify one type of impact you will make on society, (2) describe one area of focus you will take on serving society and community in order to realize this impact, (3) define 2 or 3 of the appropriate leadership behaviors you will display and (4) explain 2 or

Manpower and Demographics

Discuss how the 10 Ways to Cut Health-Care Costs Right Now relate to the 6 points of the "RWJF Blueprint for Change" that Dr. Lavizzo-Mourey describes in The Road to Reform. 10 ways to cut health-care costs right now Lavizzo-Mourey, R. (2009). The Road

Servant leadership is portrayed.

Write about a leader that observed who demonstrate the characteristics of servant leadership: 1) Describe the leaders' stated attitudes/values. 2) Describe the leaders' behaviors/actions that have been observed. 3) Identify the areas these leaders focused on that demonstrated how they served employees, other stakeholders, com

medical coding

You work for the local hospital, and your manager would like some clarification on diagnosis-related groups (DRGs). Discuss Medicare reimbursement in the context of DRGs for reimbursement purposes. Be sure to address the following: â?¢use of DRGs in both inpatient and outpatient settings â?¢an example of a DRG â?¢t

Future of Health Care in Canada

Where do you see the Canandian Health Care System in the Future? Will Canadian Health Care System effect taxpayer in the future? How?

medical coding

Often, a coder faces difficulty in completing the coding process because of a lack of documentation. Explain the importance of documentation in relation to MS-DRGs for reimbursement of services. and address the following: â?¢What happens if information is missing? â?¢What will be the outcome if information is wrong? â?

Disorders that cause hypoxia

Explain the pathophysiological mechanism of how the following disorders cause hypoxia: (1) What is Pleural Effusion? (2) Parkinsonâ??s disease (3) Gullian Barre

Health Care benefits and liabilities between France and America.

Compare and contrast the benefits and liabilities of France's healthcare system. What are the differences and similarities compared to the USA's approach and their strengths and weaknesses in regard to the delivery of healthcare. Which country has the most effective approach to healthcare?

Respondeat Superior & Legal Elements That Must be Present

Scenario: Respondeat superior is a legal concept that deals with the liability of a health care organization. It states that an employer may be liable for the actions of its employee and, in some cases, for the wrongful acts the employee performed. Discuss the following: What 2 legal elements must be present for the emp

The HIPAA - Fundamentals of Healthcare Technology

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law that governs patient privacy and the confidentiality of sensitive medical information. Because HIPAA affects everyone in a medical practice, your boss has asked you to prepare a short document for the staff about HIPAA. o What is HIPAA? o What are 2 major

Health care department peer review

Peer review involves the evaluation of the necessity, quality, cost, and/or utilization of care or service provided by a health care professional. Give an example of a situation within your health care department in which peer review would be appropriate. Outline the steps that should be taken within this process. What are some

Health care industry ethics

Often, there are not clear-cut answers to ethical and legal questions in the health care industry. Yet, as a health care practictioner your ability to handle situations within the medical setting will be expected and will greatly impact your professional life. Discuss the following questions with your colleagues regarding p


As we look at Medicare going forward we will face some definite budget issues. How would you propose that we restructure the system in order to keep it operational?

Health Care

Terri Schiavo case If you were the CEO of the organization which cared for Terri Schiavo, what issues were most critical for the ethics committee? What are some of the legal and moral implications of physician-assisted suicide?

Quality-control procedure overview

You work for a health care organization that uses chart audits as a quality-control procedure. You wonder why health care workers are not just asked to share their concerns about quality issues based on their own work experiences during staff meetings or even on an individual basis with the quality manager. You have observed tha

Concept of Speed Treatment to Treat Your Patients

You have just been promoted to the manager of your medical office. One responsibility you now have is to research and determine if you want to use the concept of speed treatment to treat your patients. Answer the following questions: - Would you use speed treatment in your office, or would you allow more time for each app

Health Care: Manage Care Enrollment Scenario

Scenario Summary - Managed Care Plan Enrollment Atlanta Georgia has a very diverse work force consisting of men and women of various ages, ethnic groups, skills and education. Many people live and work in one of approximately 14 counties that make up the Atlanta region. It is not uncommon for an employee to drive close to 100