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Health Care Ethics

Intra/Inter Organizational Coordination

What are the differences between intra- and inter-organizational coordination in health care organizations? What can a manager do to achieve each type of coordination?

Options with Conflicting Ethics

What are managers or employees options when there is conflict between an interest of patients versus the organization's mission?

Developing Drugs

Do you believe the current system of protecting newly developed drugs for seven years from going generic and thus allowing the pharmaceutical company that developed it to charge prices that not only cover the research and FDA approval processes but also create reserves that cover legal suits, failed research, failed approval pro

Health Care Legal Liability Issues

As a new member of the Institutional Policy Review Team, you are seeking information about institutional, professional, and personal ethical standards and dilemmas with respect to privacy of medical information, professional and personal ethical standards of Law and Tort Liability. QUESTIONS: Please response to the fol

Assessing an ethical dilemma

I am enrolled in a graduate course that is focused on Current Issues in Health Law and Ethics. What is your assessment of the following ethical dilemma? A woman was near death from a special kind of cancer. There was one drug that the doctors thought might save her. It was a form of radium that a druggist in the same town

Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is expensive. What is the cost of hiring a new employee?

Health Care Ethics

You are the office manager for a large physician practice. There are registered nurses, physician assistants, laboratory technicians, and x-ray technicians that also work in the office. Several of the physicians routinely use abbreviations in their medical notes and instructions to other staff. On one occasion Joan, a medical a


What are the causative microorganism(s) of Hepatitis B, Measles and HIV/AIDS?

Keeping Ailments Secret - Implications

"Should Job Hunters Reveal Chronic Illness? The Pros and Cons." This article appeared in the Wall Street Journal giving examples of folks who have kept the secret and those that have revealed the nature of their illness while looking for employment. 1. What do you think in terms of potential public health impact of keepi

Personal safety and ethical principles

In community health nursing, the nurse may find herself/himself in a situation where the nurse's personal safety is compromised. What ethical principles will guide decision-making in that situation?

Research study of black men and hypertension

I need to write a nursing problem statement for a research project on hypertension and how it relates to young black men. I also want it to be about educating young black men about hypertension risks.

Data Analysis for a Self-Reporting Questionnaire

I am required to present a proposal to an ethics committee in order for them to approve my research project. I have no background in statistics, but am required to describe my methods for analysing the data which I have accrued from self-reporting questions. I can say that I would seek the help of a statistician, or use a cert

Assessing and Regulating Healthcare

For this assignment you are being asked to consider ethical issues in public health and health services. Using course materials, the Internet, and your Library you are to answer the following questions: 1. What tensions exist between protection of the public's health and protection of individual rights? 2. How should scar

Ethics in the healthcare community are noted.

Although often used synonymously, accountability and responsibility retain different meanings and actions within the healthcare community. These differing values are also synonymous with success. Issues of responsibility and accountability are addressed daily within medical offices, outpatient facilities, ancillary services, and