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Health Care Ethics

Paying for Health Care Services

Discuss the following ways that an individual can pay for health care services: Private insurance Government plans Self-pay Give an example of each type. Which do you feel is the best way to pay for care, and why?

Quality Control with Medical Records-Performance Measures

As a newly hired Medical Assistant, the PCP asks me to research information and recommend a quality control procedure for completing chart audits for the practice. It should include: -Outline for a possible procedure to conduct chart audits -Description of the quality improvement model to be followed -Research and recommendat

Dual Insurance System: Public and Private

Hi! I wanted to see if I could get help answering these questions below. Thanks! What are the challenges and benefits to health care professionals providing care in a dual insurance system: public and private? What do health care professionals need to remember when caring for patients in managed care organizations?

Health Information System Request for Proposal

I need a couple ideas on a proposed topic for a project. This proposal should provide a brief description of a fictitious health care organization and the type of health information system you will seeking with your request for proposal.

Medical Office Procedures

In reviewing the office's profit and loss statement, the office manager notices a discrepancy between the stated revenue and cash deposits. In fact, it appears that the office may have incorrectly booked $275,000 in revenue for the month. If this error turns out to be a fact, then the office will be unable to meet all of its fin

Diseases & Other Healthcare Issues

Choose only 1 topic from the following list and write a position document indicating what the healthcare profession's legal and moral stance should be and why. Use course resources, the Internet, and the Library to support your position. Topics: -AIDS and the Health Care Practice -Abortion -Decisions at the End of Life

The use of speed treatment is assessed.

Would you use speed treatment in your office, or would you allow more time for each appointment? How much time would you allow per appointment? Based on the amount of time per appointment, how many appointments is your office scheduling a day? What are some advantages and disadvantages to speed treatment? Give 2 examples of

Influences on Ethical Decisions in Healthcare

Influences that affect medical assistants are broad. Some examples could include the assistant's organization and communication. While at work, you notice one of the other medical assistants taking medication (that was intended for a patient) and putting it in her pocket. You know that this specific person has more seniority tha

Patient Rights & Autonomy

In the following three cases, indicate whether you think it would be justified to overcome the autonomy of the patient under the principle of beneficence and why. 1. In the intensive care unit, you are working on a patient in a very unstable state. The woman and her children (who were all killed) had been in an accident. It i


There are many ways you can apply your knowledge of medical terminology outside of your job. You hear medical terms used in the news, on fictional medical shows on television, and you read these terms in magazines and newspapers. Instructions How would you feel about using your knowledge of medical terminology outs

an example of poor communication in a medical office setting

Write a scenario that outlines an example of poor communication in a medical office setting to resolve an issue among co-workers, among patients and physicians, or among office employees and other customers. Use the same scenario to outline how effective communication would have facilitated a resolution.

Quality of Life- is it possible to have while working?

1. Find an article, utilizing the scholarly criteria that covers the topic of quality of life. The topic is broad but must provide a diversity of submissions. We are working to submit scholarly articles, which are articles that include valid reputable research. 2. Need to summarize the article, stating the three most importa

Medical Office Procedures

Office communication must be direct, sincere, and accurate. Communication must also be done in a way that creates value for the patient (or customer). Identifying bad communication will help show steps that should not be taken in the future. You are training a new member of the medical team. Your boss has stressed to you that

How to Establish Medical Office Communications

Efficient communication in the medical field is very important, especially between patients and the doctor or medical assistant. Explain the basic process of effective communication. Discuss the importance of communication in providing excellent customer service. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of effective communic

React to the patient bill of rights

Help is need in answering the following questions below pertaining to the senerio. 1. how the patient Bill of Rights applies to this case. 2. three ethical considerations 3. three legal considerations. 4. three business considerations. 5. what should the manager should do in this situation and why. You are the manager

Side Effects of Experimental Drugs

1. Do you think it is ethical not to report the side effects of an experimental drug to the government because the beneficial effects are more important? 2. Do you think it should be mandatory to test for congenital anomalies during pregnancy?

Spelling and Pronunciation

You are the office manager for a large physician practice. There are registered nurses, physician assistants, laboratory technicians, and X-ray technicians who also work in the office. Several of the physicians routinely use abbreviations in their medical notes and instructions to other staff. On one occasion, Joan, a medical as

Foundation of Medical Terms

A patient asks you, "Why can't you medical people speak in plain English? Why do you speak in this medical jargon?" Instructions Why do you think that medical professionals have their own language? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this? For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and

health care interventions in Guatemala

In a rural area of Guatemala, three groups of villages received different public health interventions. The Minister of Health wants to know which of these interventions was the most cost-effective for averting death among children who are 3 years of age and younger. Persons in the first group of villages were provided with both

Medical Office Procedures

A memo was recently sent to your office staff regarding the importance of securing protected health information (PHI). Because of the recent concern, your office manager has asked you to help with a special project to ensure the security of PHI. To accomplish this task, consider the following: Identify four ways to ensure tha

Medical office procedures- How to protect confidential information

You have been given the task of discussing the protection of health information with the new medical assistant in your office. You know that protecting health information goes farther than offices physically protecting it. Identify the federal law that governs protected health information (PHI) and briefly discuss the element

Law & Ethics

Using your course materials, the Library, and the Internet, advance a position on each the following: Why is law not an exact science? What are the implications for healthcare?

Law & Ethics

For this project, justify your decision-making concerning the following situation: You are a paramedic arriving at an emergency scene. A group of scouts have entered a cave that is now filling with water. They were led into the cave by a rather large scoutmaster. Unfortunately, while leading them out of the cave, the scoutma

Anaylze Health Care Spending

Health Care Spending ï?· Resource: Health Care Spending Paper grading criteria on the student website. ï?· explain your position on national health care spending in the United States. Include information on the following: o The level of current national health care expenditures o Whether the spending is too much or not

Unlisted Procedures Fundamentals Healthcare

John is a new medical billing and coding specialist in a busy group family practice. He is going through training for the first 2 weeks of his new position and is trying to learn all he can about coding using CPT codes. He comes across the need for special reports in certain circumstances. When is a special report needed for cod

Issues in public health

1. Without researching, what, to you, are the five most important public health issues in the U.S.? Put these in the order of most important to least important and add a brief justification for why each issue is important. Add cites or references if need be.

Patient bill of rights

Help is needed in answering the following questions based on the scenario below. - how the patient bill of rights applies to this sitution? - would the patient be considered competent to decide? - what are the primary responsibility of June's doctors? - what are the primary responsibilty of the hospital administrat


Please help me answer the following questions about a candidate that has a degenerative progressive condition which could result in a disability. He is considered to be the #1 pick for a job, but his physicians are not able to predict whether the disabling condition may appear in a few years, twenty years, or not at all. wha

QI Survey

How does your organization use patient satisfaction surveys to improve quality outcomes? Do you feel that sometimes too much emphasis is placed on these results?

Healthcare professional ethics

1. Identify and explain at least three legal considerations. 2. Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations. 3. Identify and explain at least three professional considerations. 4. Identify and explain at least three business and reputational considerations. You are the Chief Executive Officer at a small no