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Health Care Ethics

Discussing Assisted Euthanasia

Hi, I need some assistance discussing the following (just want some ideas): - What are the ethical implications in the scenario of the Terry Schiavo Documentary? - What response should be given to the patient and family in response to their request for assisted euthanasia? - What are some ethical implications and obligations

Healing in the Bible

Select a story from the Bible (be sure to cite which version of the Bible and passages you are using) that addresses an aspect of healing. Summarize the passage and discuss the components of healing that took place. What led you to believe that healing took place? Was it a question of faith or something physical that took place?

Ethics and Scientific Writing

What are the social and professional implications of plagiarism? Why would someone risk their professional reputation and credibility by plagiarizing? Is it always intentional and if so, what are the ramifications of unintentional plagiarism? Can "accidental" plagiarism ever be proven? (Answer provided in approximately 150 wo

Abortion Ethics

Focusing on ethical principles used in resolving ethical dilemmas, discuss conditions under which it is ethical for physicians to perform abortions. - Be sure to identify and discuss applicable state and federal laws/regulations as well as ethical theories and principles. - Your opinions must be justified with evidence from

Health Care Organizations - GAAP, Corporate Compliance & Ethics

Please help with the concepts of answering this question: How do GAAP, Corporate Compliance, and Ethics combine to prevent fraud and abuse in health care organizations? With this question I'm describing the concepts of GAAP, ethics, corporate compliance, fraud and abuse. Also, it needs to describe and identify the relationsh

Physician-Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

What are the implications for society if physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia were legal in all states? What would be the benefits to the patient and what dangers exist?

Using Ethical Theories to Support Worldviews

Every person approaches life with a certain perspective or worldview which could be identified with a specific ethical theory. Which ethical theoretical framework best describes your personal worldview? Support your response with examples.

Good Samaritan Laws

Explain the principle of Good Samaritan laws. Discuss one way that you believe such laws are beneficial to society and one way that you believe they are detrimental to society.

Ethical Decision Making in Life Threatening Situations

Read the following case study and answer the questions below. ACME Medical Center has been damaged seriously by a recent hurricane. A helicopter that is trying to rescue people stranded by the hurricane has crashed, hitting the wing of the building where the pediatric unit was located. In the midst of the explosion, fire, and

Transplant Case Study - Mickey Mantle

I need help on a transplant case regarding Mickey Mantle. Mickey Mantle (former baseball player) received a liver transplant in 1995 due to his liver failing from cirrhosis and hepatitis. He received the transplant after two days when there is a waiting list of 40,000 people on a list that generally takes 130 days. He recei

Euthanasia description and related ethical implications

Dilemma: Voluntary/Assisted Euthanasia Provide: 1. A description of the topic and related ethical implications. 2. Obligations to your profession and work as a nurse. Can you please assist me with some information concerning the two items above?

Cultural Influence: Children with Cancer

I need help in answering the two questions below. Questions reference the article: Cultural Influence on Family Management of Children With Cancer Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing 2007 24: 227 Annaka Gustafson Thibodeaux and Janet A. Deatrick The online version of this article can be found at: http://jpo.sagepub.c

Non-prescription Samples & Ethics

Case: A physician is given non-prescription vitamin samples that are expensive and are to be given to patients of low income. Employees took samples home for their personal use. They tell you to do the same because you can save money and they will become outdated before other people can get them. Questions: 1. What sh

Training Healthcare Providers Communication Skills

Healthcare providers need communication skills to effectively handle situations with patients, family, coworkers and employer-employee conflicts. How do you propose to train providers to have these very necessary skills?

AIDS and the health care practice

I could really use some help on this 3-4 page position reflecting views on what the health care profession's legal and moral stance should be on AIDS and the health care practice. Thank you in advance.

Case study of Mrs. Oliver, a woman experiencing muscular pain.

Mrs. Oliver has pain and stiffness in the muscles and tendons of her shoulders, legs, and neck. She had osteoarthritis too. Her discomfort increases during stress. She is depressed. What may be the diagnosis? What is her substance P level? What are the other signs and symptoms? What are the treatments?

Negligence for Health Professionals

List five areas of negligence for allied health professionals. Discuss the standard of care in each area, and how that standard can be applied to the health care facility.

Ethical and Legal Courses of Action - Case Studies

In each case, answer the questions at the end of the case and also give researched references to support your assertions and explain what would be the ethical course of action and the legal requirements for action in the case. Case One Mrs. Lewis was head nurse on a medical surgical floor in a community hospital with 250

Ethical and Legal Issues in Healthcare

As required by law, every health care facility must maintain a medical record for each patient that it treats (Pozgar, 2004). Although the exact specifications may vary slightly across each state, there are still some basic legal principles to remember when dealing with the medical record. As a part of the risk-management depart

Ethical Decisions in Short and Long Term Health Care

What are the ethical considerations involved in deciding who receives short and long term health care? What ethical considerations should be considered in the micro-allocation of care within the health care facility, and how will the decision affect the long-term policy of the facility?

Online Patient-Clinician Messaging: Fundamentals of Ethical Practice

Read the Online Patient-Clinician Messaging: Fundamentals of Ethical Practice PDF. (attached) What are ethical implications of patient-clinician messaging? What measures/practices can health care organizations put into practice to assist clinicians with the ethical challenges of patient-clinician messaging?

What is Medical Law, Ethics, and Bioethics?

What is medical law,ethics, and bioethics in laymans terms (not dictionary)? What is the importance of each of these in the medical environment? Provide examples in a medical ethical dilemma, a bioethical situation, and a medical legal problem.

You are David Jamison, MHA, ethics committee chairman at Marion General Hospital. Coming before your committee today is the case of Margie Whitson, age 95, who wishes to have her pacemaker deactivated. Her physician, Dr. Rana Vijay, has declined to honor her request in this matter, citing ethical concerns with such an action. It will be your job to thoroughly analyze the issues in this case and to make a recommendation from the ethics committee.

You are David Jamison, MHA, ethics committee chairman at Marion General Hospital. Coming before your committee today is the case of Margie Whitson, age 95, who wishes to have her pacemaker deactivated. Her physician, Dr. Rana Vijay, has declined to honor her request in this matter, citing ethical concerns with such an action. It

Role provided by the break-even point and how to calculate it.

in 300-350 words, answer the following questions: What is the role provided by break-even point and how would you calculate this point? Please calculate break-even point in patient days under the provided contract. What are the limitations of using break-even point and how would you incorporate this point with management

Understanding Flexible Budgets

What are the roles played by a budget and how many budget types are available? Under what conditions is a flexible budget likely to be more effective than a forecast budget?

Legalized Euthanasia in the United States

Creative policies to legalize euthanasia: Assignment is to identify a public health issue (I have chosen end of life decisions) and create and discuss three proposed policies on this topic. I would like to focus on Dr. Kavorkian's actions and Physician Assisted Suicide also referred to as comfort medication. It is my u

Healthcare Virtues and Values

Please help with this part of the assignment. What is the differentiate virtues from values. What is the characteristics of both. How do they affect one's character? How are they acquired? How can they be helpful in resolving health care ethical dilemmas? How does virtues and value play a part in a health-relate