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Ethical considerations with a 57 year old having a baby

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A healthy woman of 57 years wants a baby. She uses in vitro and had injections to prevent miscarriage, then bed rest. The husband and wife took medical leave after the birth of twins.

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The solution reviews the ethical issues an older couple should consider when having a baby pass the advised child bearing age. It gives details on how these issues could lead to problems later in life for the couple and/or the baby.

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There are several issues that should be taken into consideration when an older woman (or couple) decide to have a baby. Prior to the babies being born, an older mother would have to worry about increased chances of genetic abnormalities (the older the mother, the higher the chance of having a baby with some type of condition) and increased health issues (even healthy older women are more likely to get gestational diabetes or pregnancy related high blood pressure).

Once the baby (babies) have ...

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