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    Ethics applied to Life

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    I would like to know the importance of "Ethics applid to life," what can we learn from it, what are its values, etc. Please post five paragraphs that relate to this topic.

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    What is ethics? Generally speaking, it is a branch of "moral philosophy" which attempts to systematically deal with behavioral issues of right and wrong. Therefore, ethics deals with human interactions with an attempt to distinguish right from wrong. What is the simplest yet effective criterion that we can employ to distinguish between right and wrong behavior between people? I have found no better criterion that the old adage, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Think about it. If we want to figure out what action or behavior is "right," all we really need to do is focus on the other individual. If we can put ourselves in his shoes, we've got a really good chance of deciding correctly and properly distinguishing right from wrong.

    Ethics is usually divided into a few branches. The first one is usually called "meta-ethics." This pertains to the studying of concepts in the field of ethics. This is the real hard-core academic stuff. Next we have "normative ethics." This relates to how we will determine ethical values. Finally, there is "applied ethics," which has to do with applications in real life scenarios. The "do unto others" paradigm is an aspect of normative ethics. This is how we will determine ethical values in this posting. The specific examples we will come up with by way of illustration will be in the field of "applied ethics."

    What can we learn from ethics? Remember, ethics without application is just theoretical ...