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Ethical Issues Related to In-vitro Fertilization

Margaret Smith is a 60-year old healthy woman who has been married to her husband Frank for three years. They decided to try to conceive a child as this is the first marriage for both and they want kids. Both Margaret and Frank's parents lived healthy into their 90s. Margaret and Frank conceived through in-vitro fertilization after several attempts and spent a lot of money. For the first trimester of her pregnancy, she received daily injections to prevent miscarriage and was placed on bed rest for the final 4 months. She gave birth to healthy twin boys two months after her 61st birthday. Both Margaret and Frank took medical leave from their jobs?

What is your analysis of the various ethical considerations involved in this situation? How should the competing ethical considerations be resolved? Argue both sides of the issue, explicitly basing the arguments on ethical theories and/or principles. CITE SOURCES!!

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The real-life case of a 60 year old woman who has twins is discussed, along with the opinions of fertility doctors is discussed.