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    Uustal's Nine Step Decision-Making Model

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    Uustal (1993) proposed a decision-making model that provides concrete steps in which to arrive at a morally acceptable solution when faced with an ethical dilemma. What type of an ethical dilemma have you encountered in the clinical setting? How can the decision-making model identified by Uustal's 9 steps be applied to this situation? Be specific when describing each of the nine steps.

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    I have encountered an ethical dilemma in the clinical setting in which I had to make a decision as to which patient would be treated first in a situation in which I could only treat one patient at a time, although both patients had arrived for treatment at the same time. Step one would be to clearly define the objective that is to be achieved, and in this case the objective was to ensure that both patients received the treatment that they needed based on the priority of their medical conditions. Step two would be to identify and understand all of the options that are ...