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    Health Care Ethics

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    Advice for a Healthy Society

    If our society is not healthy, it is a barrier to work, which can increase reliance on taxpayers for survival, increase homelessness, and increase crime. Who is undeserved or left out of health care today? What impact does that have on society overall?

    Professionals who engage as educators in their chosen field face obstacles and challenges. These obstacles can arise from target populations, coworkers, other professionals in the field, and possibly ones self. Identifying these obstacles is important.

    There are various obstacles and challenges one encounters when becoming an educator. These obstacles can arise from target populations, coworkers, other professionals in the field, and possibly ones self. Either way, obstacles that arise must be dealt with efficiently to manage one's credibility in the field they are educating

    Pediatric Drug Use

    Write your opinions on the fact that throughout the 1980s most pediatric therapies were used without safety, efficacy, and dosing studies in children even though the FDA passed a labeling regulation that required statements regarding the pediatric use of a drug approved for adults.

    WMA's Declaration of Helsinki is investigated.

    A number of national, regional, inter-regional, and international ethical documents are norms that have been developed to guide investigators, ethical committees, the pharmaceutical industry, and other sponsors in the ethical conduct of clinical trials. Research and report on one of these: The World Medical Association's Decla

    Placebo ethics are addressed.

    Write your opinions on this statement: "The dictates of medical and scientific ethics are sometimes at odds in clinical research; as for example in the administration of placebos to patients in control groups."

    Health Care Ethics Resources

    Create a brief summary of the information you obtained from each of the four sites. * National Institutes of Health. http://bioethics.od.nih.gov/ * The National Academies. http://www.nationalacademies.org/ * U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/ * The Ha

    Ethical Theory: Paternalism

    The article, "Paternalism," raises questions about beneficence, paternalism, and the physicianâ??s right to choose to not perform abortions. Drawing from the principles involved and applying the ethical theories, create a commentary on the article. **** Please see attachment. The article will help with answering this quest

    A discussion of ethical challenges in one's profession is provided.

    Without mentioning names of persons or healthcare organizations, what ethical challenges have you faced in your profession, brought about by the actions or inactions of others (as opposed to ethical situations in clinical ethics). How did you deal with them? In retrospect, do you wish you had taken a different approach? Would yo

    A healthcare ethics scenario is assessed clearly.

    Summary of scenario Mr. Martinez was a seventy-five-year-old chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patient. He was in the hospital because of an upper respiratory tract infection. He and his wife had requested that CPR not be performed should he require it. A DNR order was written in the charts. In his room on the third floor

    Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

    Summary: On September 21, 1971, an infant was born with severe combined immunodeficiency disease (SCID). The family and physicians involved, knowing that the baby had an even chance of having the fatal illness, had the child delivered by cesarean section and then sealed in a plastic chamber. Frequent newspaper reports on â??

    Choices in Managed Care

    With managed care, the charges that can be made for a particular condition are often predetermined and fixed; hospitals make or lose money depending on whether they are able to treat the patient within the confines of the predetermined payment. This has resulted in pressure on health care providers to reduce staff, reduce length

    Releasing Quality Measurement Data to the Public

    What benefits and risks might health care organizations encounter when releasing quality measurement data to the public? What are the consequences if we did not release it or make it available?

    Exemplify traits of servant leadership.

    1) Provide an overview of your leadership model. In this overview (1) identify one type of impact you will make on society, (2) describe one area of focus you will take on serving society and community in order to realize this impact, (3) define 2 or 3 of the appropriate leadership behaviors you will display and (4) explain 2 or

    Manpower and Demographics

    Discuss how the 10 Ways to Cut Health-Care Costs Right Now relate to the 6 points of the "RWJF Blueprint for Change" that Dr. Lavizzo-Mourey describes in The Road to Reform. 10 ways to cut health-care costs right now http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/09_47/b4156034717852.htm Lavizzo-Mourey, R. (2009). The Road

    corporate and liberating visions

    a, In 100 words write How is the concept of a "liberating vision" different from the traditional definition of a "vision"? b, Give an example how does a corporate vision include a statement about the external environment or society?

    Servant leadership is portrayed.

    Write about a leader that observed who demonstrate the characteristics of servant leadership: 1) Describe the leaders' stated attitudes/values. 2) Describe the leaders' behaviors/actions that have been observed. 3) Identify the areas these leaders focused on that demonstrated how they served employees, other stakeholders, com

    Discuss medical coding and billing.

    The majority of the codes used in the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) may be found in the category one CPT codes. â?¢Identifies the six sections of the category one CPT codes â?¢States the range of the code numbers â?¢Gives two examples from each section â?¢Explains how the codes are organized in each section

    Question about Unbundling codes

    Jack is a billing and coding specialist in a busy ophthalmology practice. A friend has told him that if he uses the practice of unbundling codes when billing, he can create more revenue for the practice. - What does Jack's friend mean by unbundling codes? - Is this a legitimate way to create more revenue? Why or why not?

    HIPPA Law - Contextualize Patient Confidentiality.

    Speculate under what circumstances a health unit coordinator could be held accountable for violating patient confidentiality, when faxing patient records. Would the health care employer also be held accountable in this situation? Why or why not?

    an overview of the respiratory system

    Working in the health care industry, a medical professional must be familiar with the different systems in the body. The respiratory system is one such system that you may encounter when working as a medical billing and coding specialist. Write an overview of the respiratory system. What is one other body system to which tha