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    CPT codes

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    The majority of the codes used in the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) may be found in the category one CPT codes.

    â?¢Identifies the six sections of the category one CPT codes
    â?¢States the range of the code numbers
    â?¢Gives two examples from each section
    â?¢Explains how the codes are organized in each section
    â?¢Lists and explains the 8 steps necessary to correctly record and evaluation and management code

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    * The six sections of Category 1 CPT codes:
    1. Evaluation and management
    2. Anesthesiology
    3. Surgery
    4. Radiology
    5. Pathology and Laboratory
    6. Medicine

    * Range of the code numbers:
    Evaluation and management services: 99201-99499 Two Examples: 99214 code used for an office visit with an establised patient, Initial patient consultation 99253
    Anesthesiology: 00100-01999, 99100-99140 Two Examples:00100 Anesthesia for biopsy ,00147 Anesthesia for procedures on the eye.
    Surgery: 10021-69990 Two examples: 33512 Coronary artery bypass , 11770 Excision of pilondial cyst
    Radiology: 70010-79999 Two examples: 78205 Liver imaging,62270 Spinal puncture, lumbar, diagnostic
    Pathology and Laboratory: 80048-89399 Two examples: 86850 RBC antibody screen, 88305 Surgical pathology
    Medicine: 90281-99600 Two examples: 97014 (Unattended) electrical stimulation, 97010 Application of modality to one or more areas; hot/cold packs

    * Most of the CPT codes are presented in numerical order.
    The documentation for evaluation and management services is based on three main components:
    1. History
    2. Physical examination
    3. Medical decision making
    Evaluation and managment codes (EM codes) are codes that describe that describe ...

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