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Maslow's theory of leadership

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Of the leadership theories and styles discussed in this week's reading, which comes closest to your current approach to leadership? Which do you find the most attractive with regard to your development as a leader? Why do you believe this to be the best approach for you?

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Dear student

Here is my response to your problem. I have provided a sample answer that addresses the question. This response is based solely on the web link (see reference below). I encourage you to also research other theories and leadership styles to see which approach your prefer. In the mean time, I wish you all the best with your studies

Here is a sample answer:

I find that Maslow's theory of leadership comes closest to my current approach to leadership and is also the most attractive in ...

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This solution provides a sample response to the question - "which of the leadership theories and styles comes closest to your own approach to leadership?" The leadership theory/style discussed is Maslow's theory of leadership.

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