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    Advice for a Healthy Society

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    If our society is not healthy, it is a barrier to work, which can increase reliance on taxpayers for survival, increase homelessness, and increase crime. Who is undeserved or left out of health care today? What impact does that have on society overall?

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    The answer is in the question. However, it goes beyond the obvious. The system of have and have not is inequitable in the western culture, with the plethora of resources and wisdom available. When one considers the layers offered in the United States system, it leaves one to further ponder the cost benefit analysis. Those privy to health services in the military or through Indian health services can get preventive care, screening, urgent care and other available service. But often the reputation of the providers and delivery of service comes under scrutiny. The value is that individuals that fall under the designated service categories don't have to wait until the emergency room final moment to get evaluated like homeless or ...

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