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Marketing Mixes for 2 Different Segments in the Middle East Market

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Nestle is supporting a new public health campaign in Dubai to encourage more women to keep their bones healthy to help delay or prevent osteoporosis. The company is working with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to provide free health screenings and bone density tests at clinics and medical centres. The 'Care for your Body, Care for your Health' campaign offers women expert advice on steps they can take to help prevent the condition, in which bones become thin and fragile. Nestle has also come up with unique Nestle Fitness healthy Cereals that comes in different flavours. Describe the marketing mixes for two different segments that Nestle is targeting in the Middle East market.


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One segment that Nestlé is targeting in the Middle East market would be women in Dubai who are 50 years of older, due to the fact that this age group has the highest statistical probability of developing osteoporosis in women within this racial or ethnic group. Due to this factor the marketing mix for this segment would include pricing the product very economically, so that it is very appealing to the more scrupulous and price conscious individuals within this age group. In addition, it is important that the price of this product is kept as low as possible in order to compete effectively with competitor healthy cereal products. This product must be of a high quality and ...

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