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    ethical challenges in one's profession

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    Without mentioning names of persons or healthcare organizations, what ethical challenges have you faced in your profession, brought about by the actions or inactions of others (as opposed to ethical situations in clinical ethics). How did you deal with them? In retrospect, do you wish you had taken a different approach? Would you have done more, or less? What have you learned from these experiences that will affect you as a leader?

    Please use References from:

    Dye, Carson F. (2010). Leadership in Healthcare, Essential Values and Skills. Second Edition. Chicago, IL.
    McGinn,P (2005) Leading Others, Managing Yourself, Chicago,IL

    See attached Ch 1, from McGinn and Ch 5, from Dye.

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    A situation unfolded in the work place where a particular staff member would become aggressive whenever circumstances were not to her liking. On one occasion the staff member approached another staff member, and in close proximity of clients, myself and the supervisor, proceeded to verbally abuse this person. The supervisor failed to intervene, leaving the abused ...

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