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Health Care Ethics

Foundation of Medical Terms

A patient asks you, "Why can't you medical people speak in plain English? Why do you speak in this medical jargon?" Instructions Why do you think that medical professionals have their own language? What are the benefits and drawbacks of this? For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and

health care interventions in Guatemala

In a rural area of Guatemala, three groups of villages received different public health interventions. The Minister of Health wants to know which of these interventions was the most cost-effective for averting death among children who are 3 years of age and younger. Persons in the first group of villages were provided with both

Medical Office Procedures

A memo was recently sent to your office staff regarding the importance of securing protected health information (PHI). Because of the recent concern, your office manager has asked you to help with a special project to ensure the security of PHI. To accomplish this task, consider the following: Identify four ways to ensure tha

Law & Ethics

Using your course materials, the Library, and the Internet, advance a position on each the following: Why is law not an exact science? What are the implications for healthcare?

Anaylze Health Care Spending

Health Care Spending ï?· Resource: Health Care Spending Paper grading criteria on the student website. ï?· explain your position on national health care spending in the United States. Include information on the following: o The level of current national health care expenditures o Whether the spending is too much or not

Patient bill of rights

Help is needed in answering the following questions based on the scenario below. - how the patient bill of rights applies to this sitution? - would the patient be considered competent to decide? - what are the primary responsibility of June's doctors? - what are the primary responsibilty of the hospital administrat


Please help me answer the following questions about a candidate that has a degenerative progressive condition which could result in a disability. He is considered to be the #1 pick for a job, but his physicians are not able to predict whether the disabling condition may appear in a few years, twenty years, or not at all. wha

QI Survey

How does your organization use patient satisfaction surveys to improve quality outcomes? Do you feel that sometimes too much emphasis is placed on these results?

Healthcare professional ethics

1. Identify and explain at least three legal considerations. 2. Identify and explain at least three ethical considerations. 3. Identify and explain at least three professional considerations. 4. Identify and explain at least three business and reputational considerations. You are the Chief Executive Officer at a small no

Policy Formation of Staffing Volunteers

Policy Formation i) Choose a topic on which to write the policy. This topic may address a needed change in technology, staffing, billing, diagnosis, etc. ii) construct a policy using the 7 steps of policy formation. Address the following: (1) Define the problem. (2) Assemble the evidence of the problem or need for

Identification of the Hypothesis

Title:New technology prevents breast cancer development in transgenic mice. Source:Women's Health Weekly (Nov 18, 2004): p.140. (183 words) From General OneFile. Document Type:Magazine/Journal Bookmark:Bookmark this Document Library Links: • Full Text :COPYRIGHT 2004 NewsRX 2004 NOV 18 - ( &

Changes in healthcare delivery regarding managed care and quality improvement. Ethical controversies regarding stem cell research and human cloning. Healthcare Administration sampling and Implications of Market Profiles.

Analyze how each has changed healthcare delivery on both the macro and micro levels. Provide specific examples of how both macro and micro impacts/changes: (a) Managed care and (b) Total quality improvement. What are the three most ethical controversies relating to stem cell research and human cloning? Why? The American A

Patient Safety

A corporation has a responsbility to ensure the patient's safety and well being while at the hospital. If a corporation has a duty to fulfill and it falls to do so, it can be found guilty of corporate negligence. Discuss and explain the legal doctrine of respondent superior.

Patient Right's Advocate

A patients' rights advocate is an employee of a healthcare facility whose primary function is to handle complaints lodged by patients against the healthcare facility or their personnel. The advocate also advises the patient as to where they can locate healthcare services within the facility. The advocate assists in obtaining any

Right of HIV patients to Compassionate Care

A hospital patient has certain legal rights to protection ranging from abuse, to procreating and safety from preventable disease. Health care organizations can no longer passively permit patients to exercise their rights but must proactively protect and promote such rights. Discuss why HIV/AIDs patients are entitled to the same

Ethical Controversies - Stem Cell and Human Cloning

I need help with the following: What are the three most ethical controversies relating to stem cell research and human cloning? Why? Original work, please. Otherwise, I could have found it myself. List references, if you have any, so I can study them.

A case of an ethical dilemma in the doctor-patient relationship is presented. It poses questions on undesirable options in a healthcare situation when a doctor has to decide between treating a patient and preventing harm to others.

An ethical dilemma is one in which you are forced to choose between two or more morally acceptable courses of action that have different consequences (that may be negative, or by choosing one path over the other you eliminate options for future care), or being forced to select between two or more equally undesirable options. Pl

Practitioners personal value systems may differ from that of the ethics system for their chosen profession. Please describe a scenario that might occur in your everyday chiropractic or acupuncture office setting?

Practitioners personal value systems may differ from that of the ethics system for their chosen profession. Can you identify a scenario that might create a conflict between a practioner's personal values and the generally accepted values of the profession they have chosen? For example, the practitioner is an MD who is a very st

7 Health questions

A 20-year-old male patient arrives at a Level One Trauma emergency facility (capable of caring for virtually any emergency). The patient has multiple gunshot wounds and has lost a lot of blood. Examination and stabilization begin immediately, with an emergency room staff physician and several nurses involved. The patient is tran

What ethical dilemmas surround surrogacy and the donation of egg and/or sperm?

Paper that addresses the following ethical issues surrounding assisted reproduction: (1) What ethical dilemmas surround surrogacy and the donation of egg and/or sperm? Because surrogates are paid, is this a practice that exploits the poor, such as surrogate mothers in India? Why or why not? (2) Due to the high cost of fer

Technological Instructional Methods for Enhanced Learning

You have been assigned to teach a group of students about a topic related to models of behavior change. The students within this group display learning styles that include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Compare two technological instructional methods or materials for this topic and this group of students in their abilities to

Case of Informed Consent: Mrs. Sparza

Mrs. Sparza, a 70 year old grandmother with little English skills, is scheduled for surgery of her right eye. Upon entry to the hospital, she and her son review the general admission documents and Mrs. Sparza signs them all. Mrs. Sparza also completed and executed a durable power of attorney for health care. Mrs. Sparza ident

Health questions

1.How in your opinion has information technology affected the role and function of healthcare providers? How has it proved to be both an enabler and an impediment in providing services? Support your answer by giving examples. 2.From your experience or reading, do you believe that all patients receive access to the same qualit

discuss the ethical implications of cloning and stem cell research. Be sure to identify and discuss applicable state and federal laws/regulations as well as ethical theories and principles

The Ultimate Goal of the Session Long Project is to identify and evaluate the ethical principles used in resolving ethical dilemmas, and identify specific ethical issues that may have sociological, economic, legal or political implications. discuss the ethical implications of cloning and stem cell research. Be sure to id