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Re-restructure Medicare to keep it operational

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As we look at Medicare going forward we will face some definite budget issues. How would you propose that we restructure the system in order to keep it operational?

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Some ideas for the future of Medicare

While it might be impossible to eliminate fraud or dishonesty, there are those who will be able to pay out of pocket, have insurance from an employer or don't need to use Medicare. Those should receive an incentive or tax break

Next, new doctors or others that have a desire to work under a category, which would help cut costs, would receive a tax break, especially focusing on new or young doctors.

Those who are approaching retirement age, which would be pushed back would receive a tax break for preventive measures like no smoking or documented (from a doctor or mental health worker) of smoking cessation, weight reduction, improved fitness, regular screening (mammograms, colorectal cancer check, blood pressure screening, etc.

Pressure the state education department and health departments to provide more funding for health education, whereby much more marketing for prevention would take place and by the time baby boomers and others reach older age, there would be more preventable cases.

For right to life coalitions and legislators to ...

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Education, tax incentives and addressing cost for things like sustaining life in the area of terminally ill patients are some of the issues discussed.