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    Critical issues for the Terri Schiavo ethics committee

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    Terri Schiavo case
    If you were the CEO of the organization which cared for Terri Schiavo, what issues were most critical for the ethics committee?

    What are some of the legal and moral implications of physician-assisted suicide?

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    In cases like the Terri Schiavo's (TS), religion, law and family morals are critical. There HAVE been cases where people in a persistent vegetative state have come out of it (www.guardian.co.uk/science/.../health.healthandwellbeing; Rom Hoben, misdiagnosis for 23 years was not actually in a coma) and in the case of Rom Hoben, where a scan of his brain, showed normal results, stories like these leave hope. Ultimately, however, depending on which country or area a person lives, usually, the decision falls on the patient. According to Ming-Liang Lai, Department of Neurology, National Cheng Kung University, in Taiwan, the feeding tube would have never been withdrawn there. Traditionally, because a person in TS's condition, cannot survive without help, life support must be given.

    Research shows that a person can live five years (more or less; TS lived 15) with assistance but much is due to science, where advances have allowed body systems to keep functioning, even though, according to other definitions, the person would be dead. Her survival was beyond what most bodies can endure. But according to tc.umn.edu, the problem with TS was that with her assistance, so many thought she was still 'alive.'

    In fact, while her husband made three attempts to have the feeding tube removed, her parents did not support that decision. This is where the dilemma comes for the CEO of her care organization.

    Realistically, there are two issues, relating to the care organization. First, if the company is for-profit, then the ...

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    Financial concerns, personal choice and health issues are a few of the issues discussed.