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    The importance of V codes

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    At times, it will be necessary to use V codes as a way to supplement the diagnostic codes that you are already using. For example, you might use a V code when a patient comes in to get treatment for a disease or condition he or she already has, such as chemotherapy for cancer.

    In a your post, please address the following:

    â?¢Why is it important to use these supplemental classifications?
    â?¢In your answer, be sure to give examples of 2 V codes.

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    V codes are specific ICD-9 codes used to identify physician's visits for reasons other than illness or injury. These codes are important during these situations for when disease and injury are recorded as diagnoses or problems. V codes are also used to report problems that influence current or future care. Appropriate V code assignment is very ...

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    This sollution explains the importance of V codes as a way to supplement certain diagnostic codes.