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    Physician Competence and Ethics Committe

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    How does the medical staff determine that a physician applicant is qualified and competent to perform all procedures and services requested on his or her delineation of privileges? What happens once the medical staff has completed this assessment process? What is the reappointment process and why is it important?

    Identify an issue that an institutional ethics committee may have to face in a healthcare setting. Discuss what an ethics committee might do, and how it might impact the operations and policies of the healthcare organization.

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    Regarding physician competence to fill a position.

    The best indication that an applicant is qualified and competent is if the physician is board certified in the area required. A board certified physician has to participate in an extensive process that involves completing accredited education and specialty training and periodic oral and written exams to demonstrate competency. This certification can only be given by the recognized national authority in the area. For example the American Board of Internal Medicine for a board certified internal ...

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    The solution involves describing the process involved to determine the physician competence to fill a position and reappointment issues. It also discusses the role of the institution ethics committee and a possible situation that may require its involvement and recommendation.