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The Joint Commission

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Ocean Health is audited on an annual basis from many regulatory bodies. They have just received an audit report that shows the physician network is out of compliance with many regulations including, but not limited to, poor medical record documentation and inappropriate disclosure of information.Based upon your knowledge and experiences, what would you recommend for ensuring consistency within the organizationâ??s decision-making process and performing in accordance with regulations?

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The Joint Commission is one of the regulating bodies that oversee the

documentation of medical records. They have specific rules for the information that

should be included in the record. The Joint Commission is a regulating agency that

certifies your agency. Your need to comply gives the hospital a certain status and the

ability to receive benefits from Medicare, Medicaid and insurance carriers. It is essential

that the institution complies with the latest standards. The written standards can be

purchased or downloaded from the internet. Most hospitals have teams for each section of

the Commission's coding system and work on an ongoing basis to make sure by quality

assurance that all of the standards are met.

Several documentation issues ...

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