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    IOM reports and OIG report

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    When we see all of the evidence on how healthcare is not working with the IOM reports and OIG report, what does that say about our accreditation processes? Is the accreditation process working? Accreditation is supposed to assure quality. Is it? If yes, how do you explain the IOM reports? If no, what do we need to do differently?

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    Health care, especially in hospitals has a long way to go. The IOM and OIG reports focus on things that accrediting agencies are also focused on. There are several accrediting agencies but I will talk about The Joint Commission as it accredits most hospitals in this area. The Joint Commission has a goal of improving the quality of health care. Hospitals and other organizations do want to give good quality care. When they ask an accrediting agency such as The Joint Commission in, they really do strive to meet those standards. Reports over the last several years do show continuous improvement of the quality of care. The Joint Commission sets standards that the hospital then finds ways to comply with. Many times it can be a process issue that the hospital does an analysis ...

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    This posting scrutinizes the IOM reports and OIG report in terms of failure in healthcare accreditation. References are also provided to justify the assertions.