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    Sentinel Event Reporting

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    The importance of sentinel event reporting to the home care
    - General requirements of The Joint Commission's Sentinel Event policy in the hospital
    - The role of The Joint Commission in ensuring patient safety in the hospital
    - The process of conducting a root cause analysis in the hospital
    - Comparisons and contrasts on some of the organization-specific sentinel event examples that are subject to review by the Joint Commission between hospital and home care
    - The role and responsibilities of the risk management function in ensuring organizational compliance with The Joint Commission's Sentinel Event policy

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    Step 1
    Sentinel event reporting is important to home care. Home care is provided in the patient's home by licensed healthcare professionals. The reporting of sentinel event in home care setting is important because these are followed up by the appropriate supervisor. Those that are serious are reported to the Administrator and supervisor immediately. The agency identified sentinel events in a home care setting and appoints a committee to conduct systematic investigation to identify the root cause of the event to prevent or reduce the risk of reoccurrence. Potential contributing factors such as lack of staff training, patient assessment process, equipment failure, poor communication, and physical environment are considered. The role of the caregivers in sentinel events is identified and steps are taken to ensure that the event does not happen again.

    Step 2
    The general requirements of The Joint Commission are that an accredited hospital should define a sentinel event for its own purposes and to communicate this definition throughout the organization. These organizations are required to identify and respond appropriately to all sentinel events. This also means that root because analysis must be carried out by the hospital. Next an action plan has to be designed to implement improvements to reduce risk and monitoring effectiveness of those improvements. When The Joint ...

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