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Legal Incident Reporting Requirements & Personal Style and Behaviors

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A. Legal Incident Reporting Requirements
1) Explain how root analysis is related to sentinel events and provide an example.

B. Personal Style and Behaviors
As people are different, they will also differ with the manner they react and deal with conflicts. Some will chose rationally between the strategies as to which one will better serve their desired outcome. But some may adopt a conflict "style", when reacting to different conflict situations or to people with whom they are in dispute
1) What are the factors that affect the way disputants behave?
2) Is it only their character? Or is it also a tactical decision to adopt a certain style?

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A. Legal Incident Reporting Requirements
1) Explain how root analysis is related to sentinel events and provide an example.
Root cause analysis is a thorough step-by-step process used to get to the heart of a problem when no obvious causes exists. The goal of analysis is to identify the main cause, fix the problem, and maintain future compliance. Sentinel events are those that cause a serious breakdown in a process or procedure within an organization. In a healthcare setting they are unexpected events that cause death or serious harm (Sorbello, 2008). When a sentinel event occurs the healthcare organization and the unit in which the event occurred will usually react immediately, to determine the cause and how to prevent such events from occurring in the future. The systematic analysis will investigate factors such as whether there are flaws in the procedure, whether the proper safeguards are in place, the adequacy of training for staff, and the monitoring systems in place to periodically review the competency of staff and effectiveness of procedures and policies.

Suppose a patient is scheduled for specific medication at a specific time and the wrong patient is given the medication. Depending on the nature of the medication and what it is used for, the patient who is not supposed to get the medication can suffer serious harm. Investigation of such an incident will require analysis to determine first, why the event ...

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