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    Quality-control procedure overview

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    You work for a health care organization that uses chart audits as a quality-control procedure. You wonder why health care workers are not just asked to share their concerns about quality issues based on their own work experiences during staff meetings or even on an individual basis with the quality manager. You have observed that it takes extra time out of the day to implement a chart audit. You decide what criteria will be audited and then review the charts for these criteria.

    Do you think doing chart audits is better or worse than asking health care workers to make an assessment of their own work and report on that? Explain your answer.

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    Chart auditing has a specific purpose in the quality control procedure. It can identify areas of health care quality improvement, measure compliance, see if the organization is fulfilling required measures, or collecting information required for billing. For this purpose, the organization established detail protocols that targets collecting the necessary ...

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    The solution includes a discussion on the importance of following an established quality-control procedure in an organization and how the functioning of such organization can be affected when the procedure is individually altered.